Flame Health Practice Sales

Option 3 – Select (Multiple Agency)

Flame Health Practices Sales Select (Mulitiple Agency) Service is designed to give you exposure to our nationwide network of business owners for a single fixed cost. As a business Flame Health Practice sales website is attracting an increasing number of business owners who are looking to dispose of their business if the right buyer is available. By using this service your intention to buy a practice and exact requirements will be made highly visible to interested parties throughout our Uk wide business network. 

  • Initial Consultation - Detailed information requested and discussd
  • Practice Valuation & onsite Appraisal with a Flame Health Practice Sales Partner
  • Strategiaclly placed to ensure full optimisation is achieved online utilising our Practice Sales Website www.flamehealthpracticesales.com
  • Comprehensive Attraction Strategy Components to include: Flame Health Website Portfolio, Internal Database Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Dedicated SEM Account Team - Qualified Google AdWords Professionals, Established presence on Professional Social Networking Sites
  • Complete sale management – from instruction to completion. A Flame Health Practice Sales Partner will coordinate all aspects of your business transfer – weekly conference call to discuss progress, complete screening of all applicants, follow up of all viewings to a mutually beneficial outcome, co-ordination and presentation of appropriate literature and relevant legal documentation
  • Access to our preferred partners within the business transfer field alongside negotiated rates for your benefit

As a Business Transfer Agency, operating to ISO9001 International Standards, We feel our proven, comprehensive approach to Practice Sales is innovative and provides our clients with the perfect balance between proven traditional Practice Sales techniques coupled with our effective online Strategy. This ensures that we fully explore all possibilities when taking a practice to market to ensure our clients receive the best possible return.

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